Become an Affiliate and enjoy life long earnings with us

1. Why become a BotaBook affiliate

BotABook will be a new booking management platform where small hotel and holiday rental owners can manage their bookings over a wide range of booking platforms. Until now they needed to manage every account with every booking platform separately.

In addition BotAbook will offer them the registration with new booking platforms via one click. So BotABook will solve two issues in one tool. If there will be a booking via one booking platform, and the room will become occupied, this new room status will be automatically communicated to all other booking platforms and the own hotel website. The same goes for changes in pricing, new pictures, etc…

We have currently 1,000 small holiday rental owners waiting for us to go live. And we did not even start sales yet. Also, given the discussions in internet forums, many small holiday rental owners are missing such simple tool very badly. Therfore we believe that there is a huge potential for our service, and that BotaBook will grow very quickly, once we will go online.

As our affiliate, you will be our ambassador out there. And we will work directly with you in order to ensure your success.

2. Earnings

The most important question for you of course will be how much you will be able to earn with us. Our pricing will start at around 100 EUR a year, and we will pay 20% commission for as long as your referral stays our paying client. So, if you would refer 100 clients to BotABook, your payout would be around 2,000 EUR a year, depending on whether you would like to give new referrals a discount, and which subscription they will choose.

We are being very generous, because we believe that we can only grow fast, if you have a valuable stake in our success.

3. When will the program start?

The program will start one month before we go live. So we currently expect it to start by the End of 2017. But we are trying hard to start earlier.

4. Benefits of preregistering

Who comes first, earns first. Sooner or later we expect a flood of affiliates. If you refer the clients to us first, you will have your income secured with us. And of course we value loyalty. So the first 100 affiliates will receive a 25% percent commission instead of 20%. And we might reduce the affiliate commissions for new affiliates gradually over time. So make sure, you are among the first 100 in order to start with us soon!